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Quarry Captain

President (2010) - Mark Stent

Mark became Hunt President in 2010, having previously been a Joint Master between 2007 and 2010. Mark no longer rides to hounds, but he plays a major role in developing our country and provides vital on the ground support on hunting days. He can often be seen with a tired or injured hound in the back of his vehicle! Mark lives with his wife Nicky, at Park Farm Avington, which he farms with his son Robert. Mark is a very experienced hunting man, having hunted with 3 Packs of Staghounds, 3 Packs of Buckhounds, 20 Packs of Foxhounds, 6 Packs of Harriers & Draghounds, 13 Packs of Beagles & Basset hounds, 4 Packs of Otter & Mink hounds. He was also a Joint Master of the New Forest Buckhounds and even had his own pack of harriers.

Mark was Chairman of the NFU for a couple of years, on the British Wool Marketing Board for 8 years, a Point to Point Steward and on the Alresford Show committee for 17 years - including Chairman of the horse section for a couple of years.There can be no better definition of the term "Country Gentleman", when it is said as a term of endearment, than Mark Stent. His knowledge of the countryside and farming is broad and deep.



Master (2002) & Huntsman - Jeremy Whaley

Jeremy started hunting hounds with foxhounds in 1979 as amateur huntsman to the New Forest Hounds, which he did for three years, before becoming Joint Master and huntsman in 1984 of the same pack, and then continued there for further 4 years. From there he went to the Chiddingfold Leconfield and Cowdray Hunt in 1988 for 6 years as Joint Master and huntsman. It was then up to Scotland in 1994 where he became Joint Master and huntsman of the Berwickshire Hunt where he continued to hunt foxes until 2003. In 2002 he also started his own pack of bloodhounds which became known as the Borders Bloodhounds in 2003. In 2005 Jeremy had to move south for personal reasons and he brought his hounds with him and renamed them, The South Downs Bloodhounds

Asked whether he prefers foxhounds or bloodhounds Jeremy says "I enjoy hunting hounds and seeing them work - what they hunt is irrelevant to me. All forms of hunting have their similarities, but it is their differences which make them special to those who follow hounds. I get just as annoyed by people who call foxhunting cruel as I do when I hear people call hunting the clean boot boring; neither is true and both statements are born out of ignorance."


Master (2014) Marion Allaway (Mrs)

Marion has been riding from the age of 10 and acquired her first pony 2 years later. She left school at the age of 15 and went to work at Wickham Riding School where she become head girl at the age of 17.Marion has hunted with The New Forest Buckhounds and The Hambledon Hunt where she used to hack to all the meets and went cubbing regularly before starting work at 8am . Marion has competed in team chasing , show jumping and one day events . Marion brings out hunting 5 horses each week and has introduced 15 children to hunting so far. Marion has the ability to inspire young riders to reach their full potential, which will fit very well with the ethos of the South Downs Bloodhounds.


Master (2014) Emma Whale (Mrs)

Emma doesn’t  come from a hunting - or even a horse-riding - background, but after going pony-trekking  as a child, she spent the rest of her childhood outdoors, never usually very far from a horse.  Growing up in the Midlands, Emma left to go to university before meeting and marrying husband James (who is a regular quarry for us), qualifying as a solicitor and becoming mum to children Rowan and Marcus.

Emma bought her `first’ horse Bear in 2007and at about the same time, Emma and James met Jeremy and the hounds at the Alresford Country Sports Day. Liking the sound of `hunting the clean boot’, they decided to give it a try, and Emma’s first day out with the SDB was at a training meet in 2008. Emma started coming out with us regularly and since James gave her a subscription to the SDB as a birthday present, there has been no looking back! Emma enjoys the tradition and skill of hunting with bloodhounds, with privileged access to the stunning Hampshire countryside, all in the company of like-minded people, with a lot of laughs along the way.

Emma parted with Bear, who has since gone to live with Sam. Emma has now taken on a wonderful horse named Jack, who is learning to be more of a hunter with each and every outing.


Master (2015) Sam Heighes (Mrs)

Sam is the daughter of the Senior Master and huntsman, Jeremy Whaley, and has a lifetime experience of riding and hunting. After Sam left school she worked with horses at the East Sussex and Romney Marsh kennels and then for a hunting family in Berwickshire. Eventually Sam decided to go into the more profitable world of marketing and took a break from riding for a few years. In 2012, Sam started riding again and hunts her own horse, Bear.


Master (2019) Symon Robinson

Symon’s first time riding to hounds was the 93/94 season in North Yorkshire and he hasn’t missed one since (albeit there have been a few obstacles – the odd fracture or two, deployments with the Army, etc.; but he’s always managed to at least hunt a few days even when faced with these distractions!). Principally he has hunted with foxhounds and is also ex MFH, and he does still have the odd day with a fox pack. However, he ‘crossed over to the dark side’ and started hunting with the SDB in the 16/17 season and was shortly asked to field master which he continues to do. Here, Symon is wearing the scarlet coat of the jumping Field Master. People follow the Master in scarlet if they are capable of jumping non optional jumps. On the days where some jumps cannot obviously be bypassed, another person will also be appointed as the optional jumping Field Master.



Hunt Secretary /Treasurer/Amateur Whipper-in (2017)   -   Amanda Pole (Mrs)

Amanda's passion for all things on 4 legs started from a very early age when she was totally obsessed with dogs and horses. She learnt to ride by helping at a local stables and was bought a filly as a joint Birthday and Christmas present to bring on as an allrounder, which included hunting as a teenager with the Cury Hunt. Riding went on the back-burner whilst raising a family but her passion to work with animals continued by working for Guide Dogs. Training 11 puppies with 2 into early training and helping other dog owners with dog handling and boarding. Riding came back on the scene after foot following at Lopshill and Amanda went on to help Emma Moseley, Amateur Whip in exercising her lovely mare. Following an introduction to the SDB in February 2016 Amanda found her passion once again in working with both the hounds and horses, and has become our amateur whipper-in.


Hunt Club Chairman (2019) - Nick Hudson

Nick started hunting with the bloodhounds on his horse Cobi until he realised that being a Quarry was less strenuous! Indeed he also finds flying his vintage Auster aeroplane less stressful and less dangerous than riding his horse, which, to put it mildly, is forward going. This is Nick's second stint as Hunt Chairman, having also been Quarry Captain in the past, and he still runs for us occassionally. Even Nick's best friends wouldn't describe Nick as a natural athlete, although he is a keen cricketer, but his capacity to keep going in all weathers makes him an excellent victim to hunt. As Hunt Club Chairman, Nick co-ordinates all the fund raising, which is essential part of keeping the hunt going.

Quarry Captain (2017) - Tom Marks

A new Quarry Captain has been appointed to co-ordinate and lead our team of Quarries for the 2017-2018 season. Tom Marks was introduced to the bloodhounds by his fiancé, our Hunt Club membership secretary, Chloe Morris. Little did he know by dating Chloe he'd end up running miles, up and down hill, in all weathers, being pursued by a pack of bloodhounds. Little did we know that he'd go on from there to become a marathon man as well! We all look forward to seeing Tom in his new role and wonder how he will take our senior Master's "words of encouragement" when hunting starts in September. Anyone wishing to run as a Quarry this season can contact Tom by email at Quarry@SouthDownsBloodhounds.com and he will put you on his contact list. Good luck Tom - I think you'll need it!


For previous Masters please see the History Page, which is also available through the News Archive.