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Due to the government calling for an end to "all social gatherings", we have had to call an end to the season. Hopefully this will help to prevent the spread of Coronavirus and prevent the possibility of having to call on emergancy services in the event of an accident.

The South Downs Bloodhounds are a pack of cross bred bloodhounds that hunt the clean boot in the South of England. The term clean boot refers to the fact they hunt a clean human runner that does not carry or drag any form of scent enhancement. The hunt was formed in 2004 by it's current owner and huntsman Mr Jeremy Whaley, and this hunt and these hounds have never hunted anything other than the clean boot.

When asked where the hunt operates, Jeremy always answers, "our country is easily defined, it's completely surrounded by salt water"! The hounds hunt mainly in Hampshire, but more and more meets are also being found in Wiltshire, Dorset and West Sussex. Because the hunting is strictly controlled, the hounds can and are restricted to land were permission has been gained in advance of a hunting day.

The season starts around the end of August, beginning of September, with "Tubhunting", another term invented by our huntsman, because he reckons the Quarries (human runners) have got a bit tubby during the summer! We operate mainly on Sundays, with the Opening Meet (the first formal meet) around the second Sunday in October. Tubhunting is at various morning times, getting progressively later until the Opening Meet when the hunt starts meeting at 12 noon. Hunting continues every Sunday until around mid April.

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Hunt Ball

The South Downs Bloodhounds Hunt Ball Friday 24th April
Postponed to a later date after Coronavirus restrictions are lifted.
At The Hawk Conservancy, Weyhill, Andover. SP11 8DY
Enjoy a complimentary drink on arrival while watching a fabulous flying display by The Hawk Conservancy, followed by a 3 course meal, horn blowing and whip cracking competitions and dancing to the Answer Back band. Adults: £65pp, aged 17 and under: £55pp. Purchase your tickets before 31st December 2019 to save £5 per person. Contact Sam Heighes at sam@southdownsbloodhounds.com for more details and tickets.

Caption Competition No.42

It's your chance to show your imagination, wit and sheer brilliance as you come up with a witty caption for the photograph on the right. If your entry is accepted, you enjoy the glory of seeing your name on the website. What more could you want? Entries to captions@southdownsbloodhounds.com

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Jeremy Whaley: Brace yourself Nashville!

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