The South Downs Bloodhounds

Hunt Club

The Hunt Club (SDBHC) fulfils multiple roles. Its main aim is to support the bloodhounds and enable continuous improvements for horses and hounds at the kennels. We do this through Hunt Club memberships and organising social activities, both mounted and on foot.

The Hunt Club also brings riders and foot followers together so that we are all part of the same club. We would love you to come and actively support the SDB and the great thing is that you don’t need a horse to be able to do that!

Hunt Club members receive a map of the forthcoming hunt the night before each meet. It makes it so much more interesting for those on foot to plot and plan where we can go and find the best spots to see the jumps or the mounted field for some great photo opportunities. Those of you who have annual subscriptions are automatically a member of the Hunt Club and get sent a map of that week’s hunt. You may also be asked to give physical support on hunting days, for example manning road crossings, opening/closing gates, etc.

Some of the Hunt Club activities planned are: Quiz Night, Farmers Dinner, Hunt Ball, Puppy Show, Beach Ride and BBQ (horses & dogs), New Forest Hack, Fun Ride, Hunt Relay and Hunter Trial.

Another advantage of Hunt Club membership is the opportunity to play an active part in the running and future planning of the hunt as it is growing and becoming more and more popular.

And last but not least, you will receive the much sought after Hunt Club Badge.

So do come and support the South Downs Bloodhounds and join the Hunt Club. We would love to have you on board!

Hunt Club subscriptions are only £20 for an adult, £10 for under 18’s or £40 for a whole family. (SDB Subscribers are automatically members of the Hunt Club).

Please send an email to the email address below expressing your interest in the Hunt Club and you will receive details by return or you can complete the Hunt Club Membership Form (Download here) and return to the SDB Hunt Club co-ordinator:

Sophie Ilsley   Tel: 07584220348

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