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10th March 2008 Hounds and Riot
5th May 2007 Gill White becomes Mrs Marks, with a bit of help from the SDB
1st May 2007 Mark Stent joins the Mastership
15th November 2005 Historic First South Downs Bloodhounds Opening meet
1st May 2005 Bloodhounds find new home in the South of England
Stories below relate to the pack's history before they became the South Downs Bloodhounds
1st May 2004 Retiring Master of the Borders Bloodhounds to form sister pack in West Sussex
1st May 2004 End of Season (2003 - 2004) Hunt Supper
1st May 2004 Last meet of 2003 - 2004 season
1st March 2004 Future of the Bloodhounds
1st March 2004 Kirsty Allen out with the Bloodhounds
1st March 2004 Running with the hounds
16th November 2003 Borders Bloodhounds day at Bloodhound Festival
16th November 2003 Coakham Bloodhounds hunt in Scotland at Bloodhound Festival
3rd October 2003 Opening Meet 2003
29th May 2003 Special Meet for The Borders Festival of the Horse
1st May 2003 The Birth of the Borders Bloodhounds
28th July 2002 The First Hunt with Bloodhounds in Scotland
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